What Men Want in a Relationship (One Important Formula Revealed)

If you don't know what men want in a long-term relationship, then you have to learn from a great artist.
The difference between a great relationship and ordinary relationship is similar to a difference between a great artist and a common artist. A common artist gives the same direction to the picture as he sees it. In his painting, he shows a 70-year-old woman like a 70-year-old woman. On the other hand, a great artist displays those things in his art which people usually don't notice. In his paintings, he shows the image of 20-year-old girl in a 70-year-old woman. He spills the young desires, feelings, and aspirations in the face of 70-year-old woman. That's why, a great artist remains alive in the hearts of people.
In our relationships, we are like artists. If our existence, or love, is common, the sun of our happiness will set soon. We'll crave for joy, love, and laughter in our relationship. But, if our love is great, then every day of our life will be interesting, colorful, and beautiful. We'll spend our lives in the best ways.
What Men Want
The way a great artist displays the colors of life in his every painting, the same way a man wants to have a relationship with full of colors and happiness.
I have a friend who has spent 11 years of her married life. And, she's still spending a beautiful life with her husband. She is like that winner who has crossed many, and the most difficult, eras of her relationship. Whenever I see her with her husband, it seems that I am watching the most wonderful relationship.
Before writing on this topic, I asked a few questions from my friends about her successful married life. I tried to find out what is so special in her which keeps her husband connected with her. In that friendly interview, I came to know that my friend is an expert in the field of psychology, and she uses her expertise in her own relationship and keep herself very attractive for her husband.
When I asked her, what's the secret of her love life, she smiled and said, "You just need to know what your man wants. When you know what he wants, you control his mind and heart; he starts loving you that much that you cannot even imagine."
After that, she shared a valuable secret with me. When I came back home and learnt about that secret in depth, I had a pleasant discovery. I found that, every happy woman uses this secret in her marital life. Especially, female superstars use this secret in their life. That's why they stay desirable for their men whole life.
Here, I am going to share that important secret with you. That secret light up the candles of love in the heart of a man and make him love you more and more. If you won't use this secret in your life, it would become very difficult for you to be successful in your relationship. However, if you use this secret, you would make your relationship easier and successful. This secret makes a man realize that you are the best for him, and no one can ever take your place.
"Win His Emotions, Not His Sexual Desire"
To some extent, I can believe that sex is very for important for a man. But, I will never accept that you can win a man's emotions through sex. By using sex as a weapon, you can make a man your follower for a limited time, but you cannot keep him in love forever. Because, a man's emotions and feelings are more important than his sexual desires. He does everything in his life according to his emotions and feelings.
You surely must have felt in your relationship that men normally do work according to their emotions. Their emotions heavily control them. For example, if their emotions are in anger, they will stay the angry whole day. Their mind will stop working. They won't listen to any logic, and they will do things as they want. On the other hand, if they are in emotions of love, then they'll forget all the bitterness of their relationship. They'll be focused on you like a lion, and they will shower their love on you from every way. Because of these points, you can guess the psychology of men. You can understand that it's highly important for you to win his emotions. Winning his emotions is the first step to your success.
Generally, wives try to end the bitterness of their relationship through sex. Wives feel that men only want sex. Therefore, they try to win the sexual desires, instead of emotions. Consequently, they stay unsuccessful in their relationship.
When we watch those movies which have been made on the warriors of history, we realize the importance of men's emotions. In those movies, a woman tries to win the emotions of his man. And, as a result, her man does everything in his power to keep her safe. He breaks the rules, he crosses every limit, he puts his life in danger, and he kills thousands of people for being with his woman.
If you want your man to love you like a warrior, you have to win his emotions; you have to trigger the feelings of love in his emotions; you have to make him want you badly. And, you can do this by focusing on your personality. Your best weapon is your personality. If you can make your personality attractive, you can make your man want you, and you can make him do anything for you.
Nowadays, women use sexy attires for being attractive. I agree that sexy attires fire up the men's emotions, but you cannot make men want you whole life because of them. In order to make your man want you, you have to be gorgeous. Because, a gorgeous woman always steals the hearts of men and keep them under her magic.
If you are with your friends, or if you are in a party, you should look gorgeous. If you are looking gorgeous, you will catch the eye of every man. Every man would love to be with you. And, your husband will feel proud that you are his wife.
You can make yourself gorgeous through different ways. For example: you can make yourself gorgeous through your dressing, habits, activities, ambitions, and works etc. As women want a masculine man in their lives, the same way men want a gorgeous woman in their lives. According to men, a gorgeous woman looks mature, loving, and faithful. That's why, when a man sees a gorgeous woman, he wants to live his life with her.

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