Five Simple Ways To Ease Your Worries

Everyone has worries from time to time. Money, relationships, family issues, emotional distress  it can all add up and make your mind spin. Take a look at these five simple ways to ease worry. Try one the next time you feel stressed and see what works for you.

1) Write Out A List Of Your Concerns
Sometimes it helps to just get your worries out of your head. The act of writing it all out can take the load off your mind and put it onto a sheet of paper. Once you get everything out into the open, you may get a clearer picture on what's really important and what's not. You can see which problems you don't have control over, aren't very important, or you could actually do something about. If nothing else, writing everything out can be a release so your head doesn't feel so jumbled. Your mind can clear and you can feel more relaxed.

2) Laugh A Little
Got worries? Find your funny bone. You probably know the funny movies and TV shows that will get you giggling. Find a friend who is usually upbeat and see how your mood changes when you're around them. When you laugh, your body releases endorphins, the body's "feel-good" chemicals. This produces a feeling of well-being and happiness. Laughter is a physical activity that puts many of your muscles to work all at once. They feel more relaxed when your wave of laughter subsides. Plus, laughing simply puts you in a better mood for a little while. Even though your problems are still there, you may be able to face them with a smile.

3) Walk Away Your Worries
This is another endorphin releasing activity. Get your blood pumping a little and your heart will be racing for a good reason. The more you help your body associate physical arousal with healthy activity, the better your body will learn to relax itself. The cycle of tension and relaxation that goes with exercise and recovery is very good for your body. Relaxed muscles will help your mind feel calm. Also, getting a little exercise can be a good way to put your mind on something other than your worries. Remember to listen to music or watch the scenery go by as you walk.

4) What's The Worst That Could Happen?
In a typical counseling session, you might be asked to think of the worst case scenario for your biggest worry. It might not seem so bad if you come right out and say it (to yourself or to someone else). Fear does its best work within the dark shadows of your mind. The more you hide from your fears the more they'll own you. Shedding light on the worst possible scenario can help you understand how unlikely it might really be. Once you put things in perspective, your mind will be more at ease.

5) Distraction Disrupts The Momentum
Believe it or not, the conscious brain can't focus on more than one thing at a time. This is good news for someone with lots of worries. When you focus on everything that concerns you all the time, your problems can seem to grow by the minute. Just giving your brain a break from your worries can help them seem a little smaller the next time you think about them. Simply do something you can get caught up in for a short while like house chores, a favorite movie, a phone call to a loved one, or a good book.

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